Sometimes all we need is a push. Maybe a little tap on the shoulder. Maybe a reminder. Maybe some inspiration.

In today's day and age, we're finding that every day people are battling low self-esteem and depression, a lack of motivation, an identity crisis, and/or lack of hope. TheSoulfulPoet isn't your average artist. Having gone through the dog days of adapting to life in Canada as a 1st generation Immigrant, or dealing with mental illness and bullying throughout his schooling, or even leaving university to pursue his passion, TheSoulfulPoet is an artist that can be a voice for everyone. No matter what faith, ethnicity, age, race or gender, TheSoulfulPoet serves as a voice for the voiceless in more ways than one. A speaker, poet, workshop instructor and listener are just a few of the many things TheSoulfulPoet prides himself in providing for people of all ages.

His writing journey began when he was only 7 years old, re-creating well-known fairy tales and giving them a new ending. From there, TheSoulfulPoet went on to begin studying the art of Hip Hop, learning through videos from some of the greatest rappers in the history of Hip Hop, to picking up elements from the new age of rap music. After taking some time to work on himself, TheSoulfulPoet began exploring new ways to convey his message to the world, until he stumbled upon an under-appreciated and relatively new genre of music, Spoken Word. From that moment on, TheSoulfulPoet has committed himself to being the best Spoken Word Artist and Rapper possible, using his background in rap as well as classical music to create pieces that are enlightening, rhythmic and entertaining.

TheSoulfulPoet has gone on to perform around the world, most notably in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and Detroit. He's performed at gala's organized by the United Nations, at camps, festivals, concerts, poetry shows as well as community centres. TheSoulfulPoet also consistently competes in Ottawa's Urban Legends Poetry Collective competition, winning the first slam of 2019 and going on to compete in the City Finals. TheSoulfulPoet is also a 2-time participant in Ottawa's biggest annual poetry slam, the OG500. TheSoulfulPoet is also the most recent winner of MuslimFest’s Talent Hunt competition, earning the opportunity to perform alongside artists such as Jae Deen, Khaled Siddiq, Waheeb Nasan, Quest, Dwayne Morgan and Boonaa Mohamed.  TheSoulfulPoet's debut album "Thorns" was recently voted as "Album of the Year" by Faces Magazine. 








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