- EMPWR Magazine's Ally Salama

"TheSoulfulPoet isn’t your average Spoken Word Artist. Having gone through the dog days of adapting to life in Canada as a 1st generation Immigrant, or dealing with low self-esteem, depression, and bullying throughout his schooling, or even leaving university to pursue his passion, Ali Al Hussaini, “TheSoulfulPoet”, is an artist that can be a voice for everyone. No matter what faith, ethnicity, age, race or gender, TheSoulfulPoet serves as a voice for the voiceless in more ways than one. A speaker, poet, workshop instructor, and listener are just a few of the many things TheSoulfulPoet prides himself in providing for people of all ages." - EMPWR Magazine's Ally Salama

- Jae Deen, Artist/Emcee

"This artist is definitely next up"

- Don't Tell Baba Podcast

"TheSoulfulPoet was easily our favorite performer of the entire event"

"This dude is versatile. He can sing. He can give you some bars, and as his name says, he has a lot of soul in his bars and music."

- Kevin Bourne, Shifter Magazine "Top 10 Most Slept on Canadian Artists"

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